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Buy SMS now                        
See the FAQ for common questions.

Receive an SMS when your burner raises an alarm. This is a good feature
if you run out of pellets without knowing it or other problems that require
you to take action. The SMS is sent to a cellular phone of your choice.

Buy 60 SMS's for 119,- DKK. StokerKontrol will be added
a feature so you also can use these SMS's for status messages.
SMS's bought here can naturally be used for this function too
when available.

Fill out the fields below and push "Buy now".
Cellular number for SMS retrieval
Serial number
Your SMS's will be activated within 2 working days. You do not need to do anything further.

How does it work: When your burner raises an alarm, StokerKontrol will intercept the alarm and send it to your cellular phone as a SMS. From the SMS you can read which alarm has been raised. The alarm is typically received within few seconds.

PLEASE NOTE: StokerKontrol must be attached to your burner through a computer for this service to work. SMS sending is enabled in version 1.4 and any future versions. All credit card orders is added a fee of 10 DKK.